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What is Holistic Posture Therapy?

Surgery without the surgery

It is commonly accepted that as we age there are inevitable aches and pains that become a part of daily life. We don’t adhere to that philosophy. We believe that with the right treatment plan, you can achieve and maintain optimal health.

One of the problems with traditional massage and physical therapy is that they are limited in their ability to treat or relieve chronic pain. Over the years we have seen time and time again that your body has an innate wisdom and knows how it needs to heal, it just needs the right stimulation to guide it in the direction of healing.

What is Holistic Posture Therapy?

Developed by Joseph Alexander, Holistic Posture Therapy is the latest and most evolved therapy that integrates the body as a whole. A deep tissue pressure point therapy that integrates the best parts of both massage and physical therapy, Holistic Posture Therapy is a holistic approach to healing.

One of the limitations of current therapies out there is that they are superficial and don’t address the body’s needs in a holistic manner. However the human body works holistically, therefore, you need to have a holistic way of caring for your body. As the founder of Next Level Holistic Health, Joseph has a holistic approach and way of thinking when it comes to removing neuromuscular tension.

Okay, but how does it work?

Holistic Posture Therapy is a deep tissue, pressure point method of working with the body that focuses on removing tension that is decreasing mobility as well as causing poor posture and a decrease in mobility. The goal isn’t just to make you feel better in the moment, it is to discover and remove the neuromuscular tension from its origin source.

Getting to the source of your tension is key to decreasing pain and increasing energy flow because the only way to evolve and help people heal long-term is with an origin mindset approach. When you can get to the root of your pain or discomfort, you are giving the body a path to healing itself.

By focusing on 3 key points: posture, stress & anxiety, and movement, you can release years of accumulated neuromuscular tension and trauma within just a few sessions. Each treatment starts with a personal assessment. Our team of professionals has a long-standing understanding of how the body works together as a whole which enables us to quickly identify which areas of the body are going faulty and causing your pain and discomfort.

How is it different than massage?

Typically you go to get a massage because you’re in pain. You think, “My back hurts, I need a massage so I can take care of this pain,” however when it comes down to it, while massage may feel good at the moment, it doesn’t really do anything long-term.

Traditional massage has a protocol approach. That means the approach is not necessarily geared toward pain management or treating a specific issue that may be causing you pain or discomfort. Instead, it is a general approach geared toward superficial healing and soft tissue manipulation. While this is great if you want a soothing anti-inflammatory solution that increases circulation, it has a limited ability to treat actual pain.

Massage is a great solution for maintenance and general self-care, leaving you feeling good at the moment but if you have chronic pain and stress it will come back. If you’re looking for a deeper, more transformative experience for pain management, Holistic Posture Therapy is the solution we’ve created to support you on your healing journey.

How is it different than physical therapy?

Physical therapy has its own way of assessing and approaching pain management that is focused more on the use of technology and specific exercises. The current practices of physical therapy are an outdated version of the understanding of the body which is one of the reasons why it often moves very quickly to surgery.

The problem is that physical therapy doesn’t look at the body collectively. Instead, it is a very localized treatment focused on where you feel the pain. In our experience, this can backfire because where you feel the pain is most likely not the alignment issue causing the problem.

When you approach healing with a symptom-based approach, you have a narrow viewpoint that limits your ability to treat the whole body. If you don’t fix the underlying issue, while the symptom may temporarily get better the problem won’t actually go away.

Holistic Posture Therapy integrates the understanding of physical therapy but with actual hands-on manipulation. This means our therapies aren’t dependent on the use of technology or any specific exercises that can potentially cause more discomfort along the way.

Our therapies are pinpointed and specific, while also taking a holistic view of how your body works. The hands-on work in Holistic Posture Therapy is in-depth and based on alignment to bring back the function of what’s causing your pain or discomfort.

While massage and physical therapy both have value and benefits, Holistic Posture Therapy is at the forefront of therapeutic evolution. The latest and most evolved therapy that integrates the body as a whole, we use Holistic Posture Therapy as a more customized approach to pain management and well-being for every individual.

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