You truly have the power to change your life, health, the way you think and feel. The human body consists of many signals and systems and programs. Holistic Posture Therapy is a hands on therapy that allows the body to heal organically and holistically. Although life and the human body can be complex, both, have the power to heal and work together.

Joseph A. Gonzalez created Holistic Posture Therapy and specially tailored programs to remove stagnant energy and tension patterns that enable the body to open up and heal holistically.

Holistic Posture Therapy
A hands on deep tissue therapy that removes physical tension and allows the body to heal and improve its alignment.
Far Infrared Sauna
The non invasive far infrared heat penetrates deep into the muscles improving circulation, detoxing the body , and reducing inflammation.
Compression Boots
Stimulates lymphatic and cardiovascular systems to remove metabolic waste, reduce inflammation, and promote healthy blood flow.
Massage Therapy
A massage technique using the hands and tools to treat body stress and pain by manipulating the muscles and soft tissues.
Ice Bath
Boost blood circulation and immune system. Improve healing by reducing swelling and inflammatory pain.
Lab Testing
Health and wellness blood tests identify imbalances that allow for a targeted, individualized, and effective therapeutic strategy.
Holistic Stretching
Deep restoration of fascial planes, stress reduction, balance energy levels, boost circulation, increase flexibility, and quieting of the mind.

Next Level Holistic Healing

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