Joseph A. Gonzalez

 Joseph A. Gonzalez

  • Founder of Next Level Holistic Healing
  • Creator of Holistic Alignment Therapy
  • Co-founder of Human Garage
  • Creator of concept and Intellectual property of Human Garage
  • Sports rehab & performance(physical therapy)
  • Fitness nutrition
  • Personal trainer
  • Rubenstein Method
  • Massage therapist
  • Former MMA Athlete

As a young student in training, I was surrounded by various health professionals that were amazing and great within their specific field of training. Varying from foot and hand specialists , neurologists, acupuncturist and chiropractics. Simply absorbing as much information as possible! It was an amazing opportunity in expanding my way of thinking in regards to the body on a holistic level. This was definitely not the way I was taught in physical therapy school. In the end, all specialists would agree on two things. “Stress/inflammation” and “Poor Posture” being the origin of disease and pain/discomfort. Holistic body alignment could not be achieved by each specialist, because viewpoints were usually based on inference. Only focusing on the symptom rather than the underlining root cause. Body alignment was the solution and the way towards preventative care. However, Body alignment was put to the side and neglected, making the STRESS factor an easy access for all to come together and begin brain storming on how to reduce stress and/or interrupting the cycles that stress has on humanity. 

As I continued to learn , practice and grow in my own personal way. I somehow just knew I could do it and figure out a way into understanding body alignment. Holding on to the curiosity and hope that I can find a way to improve body alignment ..... at last!! I had a moment of enlightenment and awakening. 

After a series of dreams , I just knew what to do. In my dreams was a beam of light that took me through the body. And I just knew how to begin. As I applied these dreams of wisdom and intuition, people were feeling better. After years of just “doing it” what soon followed was the understanding and power of intention. It has now been 7+years of continuous guidance and hands on bodywork , with 18,000+ hours, over 15,000 sessions this continues to evolve. The dreams and intuition expand the possibilities of the power of the human body, and how much we truly are missing out on a holistic level of healing and feeling better.

“The human body is the vessel and temple of ones spirit/life. Therefore, keeping the channels of your body open and clear is essential for optimizing your experience and clarity in life.”

Today, Holistic Body Alignment is achievable at NEXT LEVEL Holistic Healing.